Crimson Pink

Sudhan l crimsonpinkcomp01 2 may 24 2017
Sudhan l crimsonpinkcomp01 2 may 24 2017
Sudhan l crimsonpinkcomp02 may 25 2017

Alternate version!

Sudhan l crimsonpinkzbrushbprfilters01 220517

Yup, decided to flip the image after rendering, :p

Sudhan l crimsonpinkmodopolypaintrender01 220517

Decimated dynamesh geo w/o UV's, just like the keyshot bridge :D

Sudhan l crimsonpinkmodopolypaintrender02 230517

I love Modo's lookdev/rendering module!

Here's to you people interested in seeing the sculpt before paintovers ;)

Sudhan l screenshot 152


Sudhan l screenshot 154


Sudhan l screenshot 162


Sudhan l screenshot 166


Sudhan l screenshot 167

Screengrab of the render setup in Modo!

Sudhan l crimsonpinkcomp01 bw may 25 2017

BW, because why not!

Sudhan l crimsonpinkcomp02 bw may 25 2017

"Burn'em to the ground!"