Friday Evening Monkey Business, :p

Sudhan l gorillaquickcomp01 230617

Who knew lens distortion could produce happy accidents!

Sudhan l gorillaquickcomp02 230617
Sudhan l gorillaquickcomp03 230617
Sudhan l gorillaquickcomp04 230617

Clay render without paintovers-01

Sudhan l gorillaquickcomp05 230617

Clay render without paintovers-02

Sudhan l gorillaturnaround01 230617

ZBrush Screengrab

ZBrush sculpt + MODO/Photoshop paintover

Yup, I got around to testing the ZBrush to Modo bridge thingy some more, but this time with paintovers! Couldn't ask for a more fun Friday evening, haha. And on a side-note, the new VDM feature in 4R8 is awesome! ^^