General / 27 août 2018

One style vs Versatility

This is a debate I have with myself often, whether `tis beneficial to stick with one style or to be fluent in and experiment with a whole bunch of them.

Personally, I prefer to be more versatile as far as style goes. Making things in one style and one style only forever will be the death of me. While it is true that a style evolves over time, I still crave the variety and "rush" of venturing out into a style that I've never tried before.

Some styles lend themselves better to exploring ideas quickly & drawing and others to painting/sculpting. And I like all 3 of those mediums, yet another reason to have more than one style in my arsenal.

Anyways, enough rambling from me for one night, haha. Here's a quick creepy cat thingy sketch I made before leaving work for the night, :D

But what are your thoughts on the matter, and what's your preference? Do you prefer to stick to one style or diversify? Tell me in the comments below! ^_^