Work In Progress / 08 June 2018

ZBrush "Sketch" Shader | WIP No. "I lost track, -.-"

:/ I tend to start fiddling about with more technical stuff when I'm bored and nothing else holds my interest. Here's to that, :p

[This's an old sculpt based on a concept by Randy Bishop]

I've been trying to put together a ZBrush/Photoshop setup to render sculpts that look as if they were a sketch. This is 98% ZBrush, the other 2% being an adjustment layer in Photoshop to whack the image into an appropriate color space and value range.

Why even bother with this? Boredom as I mentioned above for one. The other reasons, eventually I'll likely use this as a render pass to comp on top of paintovers for some outline effects and such. The other use case would be when I need multiple drawings of the same thing from different perspectives. I reckon something like this would serve as a good starting point.

Anyways, I'll share the project files once I wrap things up with the notes and such, :)